Ethical, Protective, Curly Haircare

5 Steps To Healthy, Happy Hair:

Happy Hair Tip 1

Protect your hair from breakage, moisture loss and frizz with our satin scrunchies, pillow cases and bonnets.

Happy Hair Tip 2

Know your hair porosity type and adapt accordingly – THIS IS KEY!

Happy Hair Tip 3

Establish an effective wash day routine (one that includes deep conditioning) and stick to it.

Happy Hair Tip 4

Back away from that towel! Traditional towels can cause friction, frizz and breakage, unlike our organic blend TLC towels.

Happy Hair Tip 5

Be kind to yourself and your hair.  Enjoy the journey!

To make life easier for our coconut oil-sensitive curlfriends,
we now only stock hair products that do not contain coconut oil.


Happy Hair Customer Stories

I purchased the frizz towel after seeing Sacha's results via Instagram. It is amazingly soft! I use the frizz towel to scrunch out excess product and to plop my hair once stying products are applied. Frizz, what frizz!!?

- Kayleigh
Birmingham, UK
I purchased some satin scrunchies from The Happy Hair Co. I was always ripping out half my hair with normals bobbles and really needed ones that would protect my hair! Whilst at first I thought there wasn’t any chance the scrunchie would fit around my massive hair, I was wrong lol! They were so easy to use, very stretchy, very affordable and stopped me from pulling half my hair out! Also kept me looking cute. Not only were the scrunchies great but the customer service is 10/10.

- Jazmeer
Manchester, UK
My absolute fave purchase is the frizz towel, not only is the towel incredible but it came with a consultation that really helped me to understand how to best care for my hair! The satin bonnets are also amazing especially after a good wash day, beautiful colour schemes too.

- Corinne
Nottingham, UK
I purchased the rose gold satin pillowcases and mist spray bottle, both are amazing! I use the spray bottle to detangle and refresh daily and also use it on my daughter- it is fab! It took me a while to embrace my curls but having people like Sacha and Jaya in the curly community helps so much. I am finally enjoying my curls and encouraging others to do the same!

- Anisha
London, UK
I purchased the satin rose gold bedtime set because I have decided to make the transition from relaxed to natural hair and so really need to protect my curls and twist out styles. I want the healthiest, moisture infused hair that I can achieve and satin is known to help maintain your natural oils and not draw it away, like cotton. I noticed the difference with these pillowcases after the first night, curls in tact and still soft the next day! I really recommend their products as part of any hair care regime.

- Emma
Romford, UK
We have the satin bonnet and unicorn shower cap and my daughter loves them both. She wears them all the time and her bonnet stays on all night, it's great to be able to protect her hair and see her embracing it. Lots of love to Sacha and Jaya from Ireland. You guys are so inspiring!

- Sharon & Amirah
I didn't really know how to look after my hair until Sacha taught me. My hair was dry and frizzy until I started using the frizz towel and looking after it properly. I take my towel to football and the gym as well. I use the mist spray bottle pretty much every day and yes, I have the satin pillowcases lol. A few of my friends have ordered some after seeing mine. The Happy Hair Co. is a game changer.

- Bayleigh
Nottingham, UK
I bought my frizz towel in June 2018 and it is the only towel I use. It leaves my curls moisturised and frizz free. It also protects my clothes whilst styling my hair. I love it!

- Aieshea
Birmingham, UK
Was happy to receive my bonnet, quality well made product that has been a game changer for protecting my curls at night!

- Nicola
Norfolk, UK
Sacha and Jaya are amazing! I love watching you both. You're an inspiration to me. I love my satin pillowcases, scrunchies and bonnets! The best quality and my curls love them! I could not be without any of them!! So happy I discovered The Happy Hair Co. Lovely products, lovely Mum and Daughter duo! The happy hydration spray mister is next on my list!! I literally need everything...Curly hair care at it’s finest!

- Megan
Dorset, UK
I have made multiple purchases, including a couple of the Happy Hair storage boxes (which I loved so kept one for myself! Just love the imagery and positive representation), stationery and of course the legendary scrunchies. I use my scrunchies regularly for a gentler approach to banding, styling and wearing on holiday etc.
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- Lynette
London, UK
The quality of the products is clearly a priority and when brand owners use their own products on their own hair, you have to get in quick! Frizz towels are on my radar and this is a go to company for gifts that reflect real people. It provides natural and curly hair tools/accessories that are affordable, educational and of quality! Thanks Sacha and Jaya!
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- Lynette
London, UK
I purchased the Happy Hydration Mist Spray Bottle. I bought it so I could change my wash day routine to include detangling before washing. Also to encourage me to try and do some wash n gos! So far I have used the bottle for detangling and reviving my hair.. my sister has used it loads for refreshing and wants one! So I will be ordering one for her.. I am interested in the satin pillowcase too.

- Phoebe
Huddersfield/Birmingham, UK