Self-Care Vegan TLC Bundle


This pampering spa-like self-care set is perfect for turning wash days into “self-care Sundays”.

Natural hair and skin gems made with the most gentle bamboo and organic cotton, complimented with the most divine scented vegan wax melts for the ultimate feel-good vibes. You deserve it, we both know that.

Contains the following items made from our global best selling TLC Towel fabric: x1 beauty band, x1 self-care scrunchie, x1 turban towel, x1 wash cloth, x1 face cleanser + x2 scented wax melts.




All towels come in one size and should be suitable for adults and children use (under adult supervision). Delicate wash.


Please be sure to review our returns policy and full candle/ wax melt safety guidance before purchasing.




Just like us, our hair deserves VIP treatment. It’s the crown we wear every single day

That’s why we created our special, super soft and gentle anti-frizz towel, made from organic cotton and bamboo. Perfect for curly and afro hair. Of course, the best bit is that it really minimises frizz for when you want a frizz-free kind of wash day. YESSSSS.

Our turban towels come with a loop and button so you can simply twist the towel and fix it in place. Perfect for super fast, efficient drying at home or on the go at the spa, gym, swimming and of course for plopping.

Kind to your hair and the environment too.

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Grey, Blush Pink, Sage Green, Burnt Orange