Chakra Pendants


The Root Chakra: Base of the spine. Red. Earth. Grounding, living in the present, stability, reliability, physical health, security, thoughtfulness.

The Sacral Chakra: Lower abdomen, below the naval. Orange. Water. Passion, sexuality, creativity, joy, emotional intelligence, enjoying pleasure to the fullest, embracing change.

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Above the naval. Yellow. Fire. Confidence, reliability, willpower, self-belief, self-discipline, warmth, positivity.

The Heart Chakra: The center of the chest. Green. Air. Self-love and universal love, compassion, happiness, calmness, peacefulness.

The Throat Chakra: The throat. Blue. Ether. Clear communication, great listening skills, inspiration, creativity, improved self-expression.

The Third Eye Chakra: Center of forehead, in between the brows. Indigo. Light. Strong intuition, self-reflection, good visualization skills, excellent memory, increased dream recall.

The Crown Chakra: The center/ top of the head. Violet. Deeper understanding of self beyond physical and material. Thought. Wisdom, intelligence, serenity, inner peace, increased analytical skills, open-mindedness.



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The Happy Chakra Collection: Perfect for those working to keep their chakras open and balanced or wanting to start.

Stunning handcrafted pendants with real botanicals.

Chains: Gold / Silver Plated

Under adult supervision.


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Pendulum, Afro Comb


Gold, Silver


Red, Orange, Indigo, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue